The answers to what your future will hold

are embedded in the questions being asked of you. 

"The answers lie within you,

when your curiosity and imagination are unleashed"

-Michael Rozich M.A. · C.P.C 

There are many people in the world that are lost in a sea of work, drowning from their careers -- that they might not like, or that do not align with their values -- or lost in life not knowing their ultimate path and their life's meaning.  ​

Whether you are successful and struggling with a sense of purpose or meaning, or you are looking to make a big change in life, I can help you create the necessary steps along the way, to achieve those goals and many more. 

I am here to help create solutions for ambivalences in personal and professional life. I have the proven and effective tools and techniques, that will ensure success and fulfillment for your future. I will help connect you with your values, feelings and the curiosity for how great your future can be.


If you have ever felt like your life is at a stand still, like you are just going with the motions of your day to day, I can help you. You might be successful in your professional and personal life, but feel like there is still something missing. What I do, is help you explore that curiosity and desire to have a purpose and do more. 


With my experience and training in several theoretical models such as Motivational Interviewing, which identifies values, desired outcome and stages of change, we will partner to create goals and exceed achievements in all areas of life, emphasizing curiosity and motivation. 

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